For students

I am currently looking for motivated undergraduate students to work on a variety of projects in the lab related to functional morphology, biomechanics, and/or evolution of  extremely fast biological movements . Most of my current research projects also involve working with live invertebrate organisms (and all the joys and frustrations that entails) and the collection and analysis of high-speed video data. If you are interested, consider applying through the current opportunities listed below, or send me an email (sarah.longo “at” Please include your year, current GPA, past research experience and coursework in physics and biology, and a short paragraph about your potential research interests and/or career goals.

Current opportunities:

MUSER: Duke students can apply to work with me on snapping shrimp research this fall through the MUSER program. Applications will be accepted August 17-Sept 7, 2018. We are looking for 2-3 students to assist with ongoing projects investigating how rapid claw closure and the physical requirements for cavitation have influenced the evolution of snapping shrimp across scales and species. Detail-oriented students interested in working with live animals and experiencing research at the interface of biology, evolution, and physics should apply. Activities will include filming strikes with high-speed video cameras, digitizing videos, aquarium care, and accessing online repositories to generate a database. Prior experience is not necessary to apply

Past opportunities: 

AEOP summer research internships: The Patek Lab in the Biology Department at Duke University annually recruits one undergraduate and one high school student researcher through the US Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) to do summer research. I served as a mentor this past summer for Darby Finnegan (undergraduate, Western Washington University, WA) and Matthew Huang (high school, Libertyville High School, IL). They each developed independent research projects working on mantis shrimp and snapping shrimp, respectively. These are recurring opportunities so please check back for future offerings. More information about the AEOP’s internships can be found here.