SICB poster: modification of the hyoid apparatus in Syngnathiformes

Photos went up for the 2014 SICB meeting and I was in one! This year’s meeting was held in Austin, TX, and was probably my favorite meeting location so far (compared to JMIH in Minneapolis and SICB in San Francisco). As seen in my photo, I gave a poster highlighting some recent work I have been doing–comparative morphology of the hyoid apparatus in syngnathiform fishes (pipefish, trumpetfish, coronetfish, etc.) based on segmented bones from micro-CT scans. I had a fun time with the poster and enjoyed talking with everyone that stopped to discuss my research. Thinking back on the poster and the feedback I received from the judges from the division of vertebrate morphology, it became very obvious that this work will  be much more fulfilling once I have the other half of the story–how the differences in morphology relate to functional differences in feeding. I am working hard on this very question and hope to present this work in a talk at SICB next year. I have my work cut out for me!


Special thanks Corey Jew for taking a great photo (and many more amusing photos!) of me with my poster.


About sarahjlongo

I'm a first year graduate student in the Department of Population Biology at UC Davis. Broadly, I am interested in studying both the patterns and processes of evolution in actinopterygian fishes.
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