Candidate Longo

Yesterday at roughly 1:00pm I officially became a Ph.D. candidate!!! To become a Ph.d. candidate in my program you must complete a list of academic requirements, pass the first year written exam on everything population biology (The Core), and finally write and defend a dissertation proposal (The Qualifying Exam, a.k.a. Orals). This last step is probably one of the most stressful hurdles a student in my program must overcome–but also the most rewarding.  I received a lot of valuable feedback from my committee members (Professors Brian Moore, Ryosuke MotaniSharon StraussMichael Turelli, and Philip Ward) and know that my research will be stronger for it.

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 3.49.17 PM

Now that “quals” are over, I can focus on doing what I really came to graduate school to do–study really weird fish!

About sarahjlongo

I'm a first year graduate student in the Department of Population Biology at UC Davis. Broadly, I am interested in studying both the patterns and processes of evolution in actinopterygian fishes.
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