Hello there.

Welcome to my webpage and blog. I am Sarah J. Longo, a sixth year graduate student in the Wainwright Lab at the University of California, Davis.

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I use morphological, functional, and phylogenomic approaches to understand the patterns underlying and processes shaping vertebrate diversity on macroevolutionary timescales.

A common theme that runs throughout my work is the drive to understand the significance and evolutionary history of functional and morphological innovations. I also characterize the axes along which organisms diversify and identify the role that physical constraints play in determining these axes.

I address these themes using a combination of traditional (e.g., dissection, clearing and staining) and cutting-edge (e.g., phylogenomics, micro-CT scanning, high-speed video) methods to assemble comparative datasets that are ambitious in their detail and scope.

For more information about my research, contact me by email: sjlongo “at” ucdavis.edu